Training Totals (updated 7/1/16)
 Courses Taught
Total Classes
Total Students
 19  65  761
Courses Taught  Total Classes
Total Students
  27 84 961

NRA - IATSE Local 720 Training Trust Facility
1944 Pama Lane
Las Vegas, Nevada  89119

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Office visits are by appointment only
To make an appointment contact the
Training Office

Office hours are 9:00am till 3:00pm

The Training Trust can only train individuals that are already registered
in Local 720 with an active 6 Digit ID number
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Trust Secretary Treasurer
Mr. Bob Ostrovsky
(Ostrovsky and Associates)

Mr. Pat Bash
(In-House Productions)

Mr. Joe Schenk

Ms. Tan Wells
(Freeman Audio Visual)


Trust Chairman
Mr. Joe Aldridge
(UNLV Entertainment Engineering/Design Program)

Mr. Jerry Helmuth
(Union President)

Mr. Forrest Hancock
(Union Member)

Mr. Ron Poveromo
(Union Secretary Treasurer)

Mr. John Gorey - Alternate
(Union Business Representative)


In 1947 the Congress of the United States voted into law the Labor Management Relations Act of 1947, better known as Taft-Hartley.  The primary focus of this Act was to prevent Unions from directly receiving and administering funds contributed by employers thru CBA’s (Collective Bargaining Agreements – Contracts) that were intended for Health & Welfare, Pension and Training.  In response to this Act, the Department of Labor, a branch of the Federal Government, was tasked to set up separate Trust Funds where the contributions would be directed to.  The DOL set up a system of guidelines and administrative procedures that each Trust plan must follow to legally operate and administer the Funds.  These guidelines were reformulated and continue to be amended by ERISA established in 1972.  All Trust plans under the DOL are considered “welfare” plans.

The NRA-IATSE Local 720 Training Trust is no different than any other “welfare” plan.  The individuals and entities that make up the Trust, as well as the Pension and Health & Welfare Trusts, consist of representatives from Local 720 and the CBA employers.  It is also mandated by the DOL to have the following entities that help to administer the plan:  an Administrator, Attorney, Accountant and a Taft Hartley Bank that receives the contributions from the employers.  All of these services are required to be ERISA recognized professionals and they are there to ensure that each plan follows the guidelines of the DOL and are periodically required to audit the plan for confirmation. 

The Training Trust has an inception date in 1974.  At that time representatives of Local 720 and the Nevada Resort Association (NRA) applied to and received the approval of the Department of Labor to institute the articles of the Trust.  To that effect, the Training Trust never has been part of, nor by DOL regulation can it be involved with Local 720 operations or administration.  The Trust is a separate autonomous entity that is governed and administered by its Trustees.

The voting members of the Trust are equal numbers of Union and Management Trustees.  Each side of Union and Management may also have alternate Trustees that have voice but no vote.  The Trust policy and program are governed and confirmed by voice vote during regular Trust meetings.  The Trustees also recognize that the plan must be updated to conform to the changing training environment.  Thus the Trust has an evolving policy document to address issues relative to the industry and the goals of the Trust.