EFFECTIVE 11/28/2012

1.  Preamble

          A.  The NRA - IATSE Local 720 Apprentice and Journeyman Training and Education Trust (Trust") recognizes the need for continuous training to maintain the high levels of skill and competence demanded in this industry, to provide adequate numbers of skilled workers, to insure public satisfaction and provide for the growth and progress of the industry within the community.  

          B.  Experience has demonstrated that the only practical and sound method of preparing workers for skilled occupations is through planned training, providing for employment and training under actual job conditions by skilled workers.  In addition, the apprentices' and journeymen's knowledge and understanding of the trade is broadened through participation in approved courses of related and supplemental training.

          C.  Further, recognizing that the responsibility for training rests with those in the industry who are users of those skills,

the Trustees have formulated and adopted this training program and policies ("Program") for the training of apprentices and journeymen in this industry.

2.  Definitions.  

          A.  "Applicant" means a person who has applied for a Program class.

          B.  "Board" means the Board of Trustees of the Trust.

          C.  "Employer" means any person or entity that is bound by a Collective Bargaining Agreement or other written agreement requiring contributions to the Trust.  "Employer" may also include the Trust and the Union, as the context may require.

          D.  "Program" means this entire document, including attachments.

          E.  "Trust" means the NRA - IATSE Local 720 Apprentice and Journeyman Training and Education Trust.

          F.   "Union" means the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, its Territories and Canada, Local 720, Las Vegas, Nevada.

3.  Duties of the BoardIn accordance with this Program, the Board shall:

          A.   Determine industry training needs and skill requirements, and develop other data essential to establishing adequate and effective plans and programs of training.  

          B.   Periodically review this Program and keep it consistent with industry standards.

          C.   Publicize the available Program classes in a manner reasonably intended to provide adequate and fair notice to all potential Applicants.

          D.   Establish minimum qualifications for Training applicants within the area covered by this Program and devise a system of selection that will assure the industry of competent workers and provide all candidates with an equal opportunity to participate in the Program.

          E.   Determine the kind and amount of instruction to be provided.

          F.    Establish a system of maintaining records and examinations for at least 5 years, which will provide a means of determining training completed by each student in the Program. 

          G.   Resolve any differences or disputes that may arise in relation to the Program.

          H.   Be responsible for the successful operation of this Program thru appropriate administration and supervision of all phases of instruction.

           I.   Provide adequate and safe equipment and facilities for training.   

4.  Curriculum.  The Board shall approve a selection of Program Classes each year, as proposed by the Training Director,  which may include but is not limited to:  

          A.  Stage Carpentry

          B.  Stage Electric and Lighting

          C.  Stage Sound

          D.  Stage Rigging

          E.  Stage Audio Visual

          F.   Stage Wardrobe and Wigs

          G.  The Board may also approve and authorize reimbursement of costs (including reasonable travel, lodging and related student expenses) associated with qualified students' attendance at related classes offered by other entities or institutions, including and not limited to college courses and manufacturers' training seminars. 

5.  Qualifications for Program Admission.

          A.  Must be at least 18 years of age.

          B.  Must be physically able to perform all work of the trade with reasonable accommodation if necessary.

          C.  Must have worked under the Local 720 Collective Bargaining Agreement ("CBA") with employer's signatory to a Local 720 CBA ("Covered Employment"). 

6.  Application and Selection for Program Class Admission.

          A.  Admission to Program classes shall be without discrimination because of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or national origin.

          B.  The Board shall maintain records of application and admission for all Program classes for at least 5 years.

          C.  The Training Manager will provide a list of classes offered with specific times and dates on the website calendar. 

               Applicants will be assigned to classes on a first come, first served basis, if they meet the prerequisites (if any).

          D.  The Trust shall not retain class applications for those not admitted to a particular class.  Each applicant must apply separately for each new class.  Applications are void following completion of the first day of any class.

          E.  All Applicants will be reviewed by the Training Manager including a review of each Applicants skill card, to insure

               that each Applicant has satisfied any prerequisites that may be required for the relevant Program class.  Different class levels may have different prerequisites, including but not limited to basic courses and specialized high-end classes.

          F.  Qualified Applicants shall be offered enrollment in scheduled Program classes on a first come, first served basis.  Applicants who have not responded to an offer of enrollment after two attempts to contact the Applicant shall be removed from the Applicant list.

7.  Enrollment Requirements.

          A.  At the discretion of the Training Manager, select fees for materials shall be assessed to every referent accepted for specific classes.  notification of these fees shall be listed before class signup dates.  Fees will be paid in advance of classes that have these fees.

          B.  Any admitted applicant who fails to attend or complete a Program class shall be ineligible for class admission for a period of 6 months thereafter.  This 6 month period of ineligibility shall be waived upon payment of a $50 reinstatement fee. 

          C.  Any Applicant who fails to attend a Program class, once enrolled, without any prior notice to the Training Manager, will be ineligible for future Program classes for a period of 90 days.

8.  Class Conduct and Procedures.

          A.  All Applicants who have been accepted into a program class are required to be on time for the start of class every day.  Those arriving more than 5 minutes after the scheduled time will not be admitted.  Anyone who is late more than once for a Program class shall be excluded from further participation in the class and will forfeit the material fees, if any, for that class.

          B.  All cell phones and other personal electronic devices, unless required for participation in the class, must be off during Program classes.  The instructor will determine all break schedules, including lunch breaks.

          C.  All workbooks and materials will be provided by the Trust at the beginning of each Program Class and will not be replaced if lost or damaged.

          D.  The instructor may require each student to bring certain tools to certain classes, and, if so, it is the student's sole responsibility to do so.  All other tools and equipment provided by the Trust are the property of the Trust and must be handled with care and returned at the end of each class day.

          E.  Proper attire for all Program classes is mandatory.  No open toe shoes, tank tops, halter tops, obscene t-shirts will be permitted.  Certain Program classes will require Show Blacks for testing day or field trips, where applicable.

          F.  Any person disrupting a Program will be excluded from further participation in the class.  No refunds of material fees, if any, will be given in such cases.

          G.  All those attending Program classes must conduct themselves in a safe manner.  Anyone conducting themselves in an unsafe manner or failing to comply with the instructor's guidelines and instructions will be removed from the class immediately and will forfeit the material fees, if any, for that class.

          H.  Immediate expulsion will result from fighting, theft, sexual harassment, use of alcohol or drugs (other than properly prescribed medications) or other inappropriate behavior, and will forfeit the material fees, if any, for that class. 

          I.   Any individual who fails a Program class shall be permitted to repeat the class only once.

9.  Testing

          A.  Upon completion of each Program class, the instructor will administer the necessary tests.  All written tests require a minimum passing grade of 80% before any additional practical exam will be administered.

          B.  Any student that fails a written exam shall be permitted one additional opportunity to pass the written test, which must be scheduled within 48 hours of class completion.  If the Applicant has not scheduled a retest within 48 hours, he or she may be required to wait to retest until the next regularly scheduled testing for that class.  A student that fails to complete the practical testing portion of any Program class may be also required to wait to  retest until the next regularly scheduled testing for that class.

          C.  Students who fail to achieve a passing grade may be allowed to repeat a Program class, subject to availability.  Anyone who fails the same class twice will not be allowed to repeat that class.

          D.  Testing in Lieu of Class Attendance.  Referents in the Local 720 system may request to challenge a class by taking the applicable tests.  All prerequisites established by the Trust must be satisfied.  Listed tests may also require a practical exam as well as any required tools and necessary certificates that might apply for the skill set.  A passing grade of 85% will be required for the written test.  Successful demonstration of the applicable practical skills will be evaluated at a scheduled time.  Referents will only be allowed two (2) opportunities to challenge a specific class.